Advanced Repairs For iPhone iPad & MacBook

Advanced repairs on Apple products, including micro soldering and finding faults in any electronic circuit is far and encompassing. A well respected discipline and art. iTech can perform any micro soldering job. We are renowned in technical expertise, knowledge and precision.  We meet and exceed all industry standards with quality control inspection standards aced.

We are serious about perfection.  A fully equipped electronics laboratory ready to take on any job. We've fixed everything from ports on almost every device, mistakes made by other techs, water damage with a high success rate, remotes, computers, hover boards, stereos, etc.

You name it, we can fix it.

We have the ability to work on the world’s smallest components 008004 size (0.25mm x 0.125mm), which is smaller than a human hair and thinner than a sheet of paper. Most electronics these days are to this micro standard as the demand for smaller and smaller electronics are requested by consumers. Everything being in a closed loop has its draw backs. Finding that grain of sand that is the problem to it all will cause your device to malfunction. Save it from the trash or the closet clutter, and have it repaired and functioning fit for use again.

Finding persons equipped to tackle micro soldering jobs is very few in the United States. If you are reading this, you have struck gold. We are here locally in sunny San Diego, CA with the fastest turnaround time imaginable.

Services Pricing
Wholesale Call For Wholesale Pricing
Any Device $65 - $150
Ports $65 - $150
Small Components $35 - $150
IC Chips $125 - $150
No Image $150 - $350
Backlight Circuits $100 - $150
Error Codes $100 - $250
Water Damage Data Recovery $150 - $350
Touch IC / Audio IC $125
Connectors $65 - $150
Playstation 4 HDMI Port $95
Playstation 4 Slim/ Pro HDMI $125
Playstation 5 HDMI Port $150
MacBook Flexgate $250