- There is nothing that you can do, due to the evasive properties of liquid. Do not try at home remedies such as rice or drying out. But why? Because drying the liquid is actually going to make it worse. Take a look at a water faucet, see the mineral build up dried around the spigot? That is what the electronics look like once it dries and it is imperative that you keep it from drying. How do you do this? Place the device in a zip lock bag (NO RICE) and seal in the original moisture. Corrosion to the circuits happens within a few hours of drying. Follow these instructions and bring your device in within 24hours if possible. Do not ever plug in a liquid damaged device to see if it works, even if it dried out for a year. Dried minerals conduct electricity.
Immediately rush your device to fresh clean water or use alcohol and fully submerge and rinse repeatedly to expel the high mineral content of outside water and chemicals of swimming pools. Shake off excess and seal in an empty plastic bag. DO NOT DRY YOUR PHONE OUT!
No. Do not do it. Save rice to eat. Rice does not have hands. It takes physical labor to remove minerals, deposits, and corrosion. It takes thousands of dollars of special equipment, and advanced knowledge to fix water damage. The screen repair guys cannot fix water damage, they are only rubbing alcohol on your connectors in hopes it’ll start up so they can charge you. Reality is your phone will continue to corrode over time and will burn out your integrated circuits.
Rice is a no, no. Plugging it in is a no, no. Testing to see if it still works is a no, no. Do not ever test to see if it’s ok or assume its ok. Even if it is still working, turn it off immediately and bring it in for a free evaluation. We will let you know if it is safe to turn back on and use. It is better to catch it before corrosion sets in.
On the back of every Apple device in really fine print is a model number. All model numbers start with the letter “A” and have 4-digits. For example A1369 , A1387, etc